Sanded Grout
K-Bond (Blue)

For wide joints 3-13 mm.
Anti-fungus tile grout for wide joints
and polymer modified.
Both floor and wall (interior and exterior),
Stones in the areas with high humidity like


  • Consisting of Portland Cement-Type S, Silica sand,
           Inorgainc aggregates and additives.
  • Suitable for glazed tile and non-glazed tile.
  • Porcelain tile, mosaic glass.
  • Anti black mold and fungus.
  • Low absorption of water any stain.
  • Polymer mixing and special high bond adhesive, durable
          and cracking resistance.

Basic Usage

  • Surface preparation
    – Properly clean the joints until free from any dirt to make
       sure of good bonding and color uniformity.
  • Mixing
    – Gradually add K-Bond into the water with ratio 4:1 by 4 part 
       of grout +1 part of water.
     – Leave for 5 minutes for chemical curing before using.
     – The mixture of K-Bond can be used with 30 minutes after
        mixing when placing in shade.
  • Grouting
    – Use rubber trowel or grout trowel to diagonally fill up the
    – Wipe off excess grout with damp sponge before the grout 
    – Leave for 30 minutes and the clean tiles surface with clean
    – Leave for 24 hours before traffic to ensure good bonding of       the grout.


Coverage : Average 4.5 – 5 sq.m. per 20 kg bag.
Packaging : 20 kg bag.
Color : White / Grey
Shelf Life : 1 year after manufaturing date. 
Storage : When stored unopened in dry and ventilated place.



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