Tile Adhesive

K-Bond (Green)

Both floor and wall (Interior)
Standard Tile Adhesive


  • Consisting of Portand Cement-Type 1 TIS.15-2555,
          Silica Sand, Crushed Limestone and Special Additives.
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, clay tiles, marble, granito tile
           up to size 60×60 cm. on both floor and wall.  
  • K-Bond has a toughness, easy to use, only mix with water.
  • Tiles are not needed to be soaked, easy to use, only mix 
           with water.
  • Excellent initial setting time and to  be easily adjusted
          within a certain in period of time.

Basic Usage

  • Surface Preparation :
    – Substrate should be sound, Level, and Clean with normal
       absorption rate
  • Mixing :
    – Mixing K-Bond (Green) in water with the ratio 4.6-4.8 Liter
       per 20 kg bag.
    – Using slow-speed electric mixer to mix until obtaining
       homogeneous lump free paste.
    – Leave for 5 minutes for chemical curing before using.
    – Wet mortar should be used up within 1 hours after mixing.
  • Tiling :
    – Using notched trowel to spread tile adhesive onto substrate.
    – Use the comb side scrape to be a trail. The thickness should
       be 3-5 mm.
    – Put some tile adhesive to the back of the tile.
    – Placing tiles on tile adhesive and knock gradually with
       rubber hammer.
    – Clean the excess tile adhesive on tile surface.
    – Tiles can be adjusted within 15 minutes after laying
    – Leave for 24 hours before grouting.


Coverage : Average 5 sq.m. per 20 kg bag.o Edit
Weight : 20 kg bag.
Shelf life and storage : 12 months after manufacturing date
when stored unopened in dry and ventilated place.


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