More than 40 years of manufacturing heavy duty exterior floor & wall tiles
In 1983 Piman Ceramics was established, then changed the name to Kenzai Ceramics Industries. Kenzai’s product concept was inspired by Natural stone that used in Architecture and home decoration. Kenzai’s product was developed with the form of natural stone with durability and properties of ceramics tiles. Thus, makes Kenzai becomes the “FIRST” exterior tiles for floor and wall manufacturer in Thailand.
 In 1997, Kenzai was able to go to global market by achieving management standard (ISO9001)
and product quality standard from the USA

(ASTM) and Europe (EN87), which is recognized globally. 
We have exported to the USA, Japan, KSA and more than 20 countries globally. With the combination of technology from Japan and Italy, the production capacity of over 500,000 square meters per year. Which makes Kenzai has been trusted by government and private projects for more than 30 years.

Nowadays, Kenzai is acknowledged by the global market, from Design Award locally (Demark) and internationally (Good Design Award, Japan), (Golden Pin Award, Taiwan).


Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co.,Ltd.


Homogeneous Ceramic Tiles which have been fired at 1,300 Degree Celsius, It was known as Pimarn Ceramics Co.,Ltd. By Khun Nalinee Tantiwatpanich with the registered capital of 10 Million THB.


Primarn Ceramics Co.,Ltd. was renamed to Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co.,Ltd.


Kenzai Ceramics expanded and began exporting to U.S.A., Japan, Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar and Singapore which have passed ASTM Standard Test from U.S.A. and EN87 Standard Test from Ttaly.


“Kenzai” Ceramics Tile has developed and designed Free-form tiles for Iceberg Series and Armstone Series , Natural Stone Tiles for Colorado Series and Rocky Series.


Lava Stone Tile is inspired by volcanic rock and Shapes, It was developed by Kenzai Ceramics


Old Country is a tile that infuses light shadows into the tile texture. To evoke a feeling of nature and warmth


Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co.,Ltd. has increased the registered capital to 60 million THB.


Kenzai Art & Design Co.,Ltd. was established with the registered capital of 50 million THB. This new venture allowed Kenzai to bring in high technology machinery and know-how from Italy and Germany.  


Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co.,Ltd. increased its registered capital to 80 million THB, Kenzai Art & Design Co.,Ltd. also increased its registered to 120 million THB.


Kenzai was able to manufacture a total 4,500 square meters of ceramic tiles per day.


Florence Tiles was designed the atmosphere of relaxation and warmth. It is suitable for the decorative tile.


Kenzai Ceramics began exporting to cambodia, Myanmar. Napolie Stone Tile whose beauty transcends the beauty of typical stone and another option for exterior flooring.


Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. has expanded its product portfolio. It is suitable for both interior and exterior and  it also has developed Victoria, Harmony, and Colonial Tile Series.


 Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. began exporting to Laos And expanding the product portfolio of Gypsy and Persia which is suitable for swimming pool market.


Marina Tile was inspried by the charm of the petite stone which combined the natural stone. In addition, the Italian Modern tiles  designed many types of tiles that are perfectly blended to give a feeling of nature also have been developed.


Kenzai’s Tile has developed a Unique Tuscany Series with 4 shades of black and white which matched any modern home style.


Good Design Award for “OMBRA” Series


Design Excellence Award “VENTO” and “THERMIC” Series


Kenzai was able to go to global market by achieving management standard (ISO9001-2005)
We are committed to the quality and durable in manufacturing processes to maintaining the highest standard customer satisfaction.

Vision & Mission


Our reliability in quality which is recognized internationally from the standard testing in the institutions around the world that the customers also have trusted our quality for a long time.


Kenzai tiles are designed to be various and unique. Some products are made as crafts which are made one by one, So that The workpiece as natural-looking as possible by we offered our outstanding characteristic to the customers around the world.


Kenzai Product has excellent features in aesthetics, strength and high durability which this property in less maintenance and reduce repair costs for a long time. It also indicates the end user and adds value to the home as well.

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