Floor, Wall and Swimming Pool 
Tile for Exterior 

Floor and Wall Tiles

Kenzai tile has been fired at 1,250 °C, which makes it stronger than the other tiles in the market. it can be decorated for both floor and wall. It is qualified for low absorption and heavy duty usage such as car park and exterior entrance to the village or the hotel that require extreme luxury style. Whether  in a classical or modern style create unique exquisitenesss.

Wall Tiles

Tiles whose surface is not too smooth or too rough and is similar to natural stone which can be choosed in a variety of colors  and it is easy to install just like other kenzai tiles.

Swimming Pool Tiles

The swimming pool and exterior-interior wall and floor tile. The glazed surface with remarkable texture looks like natural stone and reflecting attractive dimension.

Floor Tile Recommendation

Tiling Basic Usage for Floor Tile

Wall Tile Recommendation

Tiling Basic Usage for Wall Tile

Swimming Pool Tile Recommendation

Tiling Basic Usage for Swimming Pool Tile

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