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Tuscany is a combination its own series of three distinguish sizes and color scheme. Thus Tuscany has its uniqueness in design of slickness and the 4 shades of Black & White color scheme that fits in every design of modernize housing style. With its neat meshed design pattern makes it easy to install and ensuring the design into the right pattern.
Wood is one of the essential materials that have been with humanity for centuries. Its strength and the warm atmosphere of wood, brings it to one of the most popular construction material since the ancient time. The property of wooden material can provides a flexibility and variety of usage and design; however, the strength of wood does not last long due to its softness, low deep abrasion, difficult to maintenance, and changes in color makes its beauty does not last long. BACKWOODS is a homogeneous wooden ceramics tiles, which has been fired in a high temperature (1,250 degree Celsius). Thus makes BACKWOODS strong and durable and suitable in all area of your home. Even in a heavy duty area such as garage and drive way; High traffic area such as foot path and building entrance; High humidity are such as border of swimming pool deck.